The School of Data Science trainers are passionate about meeting each participants learning needs. They have been chosen both for their extensive practical data science and machine learning experience and for their ability to educate and interact with natural empathy.

Dr. Mike Ashcroft

Senior Data Science Researcher & Machine Learning Expert
University of Uppsala, Sweden and The School of Data Science, UK

Dr. Mike Ashcroft is a senior researcher and data scientist. He is an experienced machine learning practitioner, with particular interests in graphical models for causal diagnostics, predictive analytics and system control. He completed his doctorate at the University of Melbourne, and his post-doc with Fudan University in Shanghai and the Australian Government. He now runs lectures at Uppsala University in Sweden. He is a member in the European Network for Industrial and Business Statistics (ENBIS) and the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society (SAIS). He also has experience in software development for data science tools, including remote, distributed and high-performance real-time systems.

Ali Syed

Chief Data Scientist and Strategist
Persontyle, UK and European Data Science Academy, EU

As a global data and analytics thought leader, Ali is collaborating with thinkers, researchers, designers, makers, doers, and business leaders. He has more than 16 years of professional experience and success assisting public and commercial organisations in using data analytics, insights and machine intelligence as a value amplifier. He works with people to understand and translate their aspirations into data and analytical solutions that enhance their ability to make choices, better decisions, realise performance gains and uncover opportunities. Before founding Persontyle, Ali worked with some of the leading technology and consulting organisations of the world namely PwC, KPMG BearingPoint, Sapient, EMC, UBS, NHS UK, and Capgemini.

Data Science & Machine Learning Workshop

Understand the art and science of discovering patterns and making intelligent predictions to gain a competitive advantage in your business



Data Science and Machine Learning Workshop, Dubai (14-16 February 2017)

Data Science and Machine Learning Workshop, Dubai (23-25 October 2016)

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Data Science and Machine Learning Workshop, BAHRAIN (13-15 December 2016)

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